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Hulme bike ride - Woodcock square to Clopton walk - 1994

Moss Side fire station were one of several fire crews called to a gas explosion in Bonsall Street, Hulme in February 1996. They arrived to discover the victim, Gwen Harding, trapped in her blazing fourth floor flat. Vandals had ripped out gas pipes in the flat below, causing an explosion which ripped through the maisonettes above. In the hair raising rescue that followed, officers from Moss Side fire station had to climb out and around the shell of the flat before crawling in to drag Mrs Harding out. She survived the explosion and has now fully recovered from her ordeal.

NOTE: The first 35 secs of the video below is filmed about a minute after the blast, you can see the flat ablaize in the distance yet windows blew in where the video is being filmed from. The flat that exploded was about 30 yards in front of where Buzzrocks is today 2010 on Bonsall street yet windows blew in on properties and all car alarms went off behind the old Arch bar.

Hulme Gas Explosion - Gwen Harding's flat - Bonsall St 1996

Hulme Fire - Woodcock Square - mid 90's

Hulme footbridge is detonated to make way for the new Hulme arch.