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exhulme         11/09/2013 12:32:44
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Brian Clarke         05/09/2013 12:22:25
Stuart, there is a great exHulme site where memories of yesterdays, photo's and comments, you have to be signed up to facebook but the effort is worth it, you will find many people who would like you to share your stories of Hulme, search for ex Hulme group, if you have any problems let me know here
Stuart Quinn-Harvie         03/09/2013 23:39:17
Having said my piece about the Kitchen, I do have some brilliant memories of living in Hulme: Rehearsing with my band ( and a few others) in Robert Adam ( we used to stop at night though) - some of my bandmates did pretty well too. Having a big flat all to myself, and going to Vanessa's shop a lot. The big flat came in handy when you wanted to make stuff{ me and my mate built our first dalek there - he works on telly now and and a dalek we made was in Dr who last year. I remember taking the finished item out on the walkway at about 3 in the morning and fascinating some pissed bloke who couldn't quite work out what he was seeing...
Good neighbours, and yet still getting mugged a lot. Learning how to stand up to muggers was a happy result of the character building nature of the place.
I worked the night shift at the Esso in Ardwick opposite the Apollo and the combination of that and living in Hulme, meant learning a lot quickly.
Yeah, character building :-) And a creative hotbed too. I have to say though though that when I did more out, it was a relief. ( too much trouble at the end, a shame really.)
Stuart Quinn-Harvie         03/09/2013 22:47:12
What a great site: a real achievement. Hule, until about 1991 was a terrific place to live. But then...I lived in Charles Barry from 85 to 93 and for every happy sod telling me how wonderful the Kitchen was I have a months lost sleep. Seriously I didn't sleep in the night for the entire time that abhorrent place was open.( just over a year, to my memory)
The police didn't want to know, and if I took my dogs out for a walk, I practically had to get permission from the unnoficial "security" hanging around.
I know it's gonna make me unpopular, but I am fed up of bloody tourists telling me how great the place was when they could sod off and sleep the next day and not have to make a living. It was misery.
I will bet that most of the people who went didn't live anywhere near it. Up until that place opened I actually loved Hulme, and then it seemed that even though I had lived there for some time I was no longer welcome, while noise hammered through my flat and brain every night.
Bloody vile.
Lorna         02/09/2013 11:40:26
Hi Elsie, my nana lived next door but as I grew up I realised she was my mothers aunt, she lived at 27 Arnott st, don\'t know why I called her nana, the shop on the corner was the usual corner shop, the owner was Jack Fletcher, I remember going in for Black and Greens tea, no tea bags in them days. I also remember a street called Raglan St and I went to a pawn shop with my uncles suit on a Monday and got it out on a Friday. I got a job in the Crescent Cinema when I was only 15, I told them I was 16. I met my first boyfriend there, he was called Dave Clark, he lived in Ardwick near the Apollo, they say you never forget your first love.
I remember the Grovesnor cinema, the \"flicks\" were where we all met. I bought my first baby pram on Stretford Rd, I think it was called pramland. I was married at the registry office was it called All Saints? had a son and a daughter, now have five grandkids, all Aussies. I remarried in 1990 after returning to the UK and we both came back here to join my kids. I live near the Indian Ocean, 4 streets away after living in the hills for the las 21years, it\'s different, but a good move.
The more you read this site the more you remember places.
         01/09/2013 15:38:27
sorry Lorna I forgot to mention I lived in Delvino Street ,I wondered where you had got to for I went to Old Moat my dad bought me bike so I would cycle to school down Princess Parkway if the weather was bad I would get the 102 bus outside the Reindeer Pub round the corner from your house I can also remember playi ng at your house I think your gran lived next door to you I also remember the Cofeys who lived facing you do you remember Greenhill street playcentre at the top of your street I wish I was still living in the old Hulme I have lived abroad quite a lot of places in England ,Ireland and Scotland but nothing can beat the old Hulme so take care hope to hear from you Elsie
         01/09/2013 15:25:54
hi Lorna hows life down under my family and I nearly got to live in perth my ex husband who was in the army was accepted for the Australian sas but at the last minute he decided not to go shame for my children and I know we would have loved to have lived in Australia, I have three children two boy's and girl I have five grandchildren four girls and boy how about you have you any family , if you ever come back to England and you need somewhere to stay theres plenty of room at my house I nearly came out to Australia in 2010 for my grandson was studying in Malaysia I was going to visit him and then visit my cousin in in Aukland and then visit my friend in Melbourne but I became very ill so the trip had to be cancelled my cousin has since died and my friend is now back in England . hope to hear from you again Elsie
Lorna         01/09/2013 02:52:17
This site was found by accident, but so glad I found it, such lovely memories came back when the names of old school friends were mentioned by you Elsie. Yes I remember the family called Dean, the older sisters of Irene worked in the chippy opposite their house, I remember Sheila Lightfoot who also lived on Warwick St. After I left Webster St school I went to Old Moat school, I left there after about 6 months as it was too far away, I then went to South Hulme Girls school and the head mistress was Mrs Jones, a friend there was Joan Holt and I still hear from her, she lives in St Anne's. The Hulme I remember is the place with terraced houses and lovely neighbours, when it was all pulled down everyone moved out of Hulme and Moss Side for pastures new and friends were lost so quickly. I moved to Palatine Rd in Didsbury, but worked in Manchester, I worked a year at a pub called the Swinging Sporron near Aytown st and a few faces from the past used to come in for a drink. then years later came to Australia, where I am now. My friend from my young adult life went to Blakely and she keeps me in touch with Manchester life. I have tried to get a map of the old Hulme , before demolition, but from here it was not easy so if anyone has a map they can scan and send me my email address is

I am enjoying all the info from you Elsie and interested in which street you lived in as a kid. I am trying to make a map of streets when other people mention them.
Carol          31/08/2013 20:37:32
My email from the letter below is
Carol         31/08/2013 20:36:28
Hi , i was only 18 months when we left Hulme,so don't know much about the Old Hulme. I am looking for anyone who may have photos of my sister. Her name was Beryl Beswick and lived in Church Street, she attended both St Georges school and church. In 1948 she was rosé queen at St Georges church and was crowned by the then Mayoress of Manchester in June 1948. Has none got any photos of that day or any other photos that she may be on .She is 80 this year and I want to do a memories album for her . Thanks
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